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All of our instructors are certified by the American Karate Black Belt Association.

Master Kathy Gonzales

Head Instructor, 6th Degree Black Belt

Kathy Gonzales a 6th Degree Black Belt. She has been associated with Texas Karate Institute since the summer of 1989. Prior to entering the Martial Arts, she enjoyed playing softball and some bowling. She worked as a Human Resources Generalist for Tyco Fire Products for 34 years retiring in December 31, 2014.
Besides her assisting teaching at TKI, she elected to use her blocking and kicking skills to help develop a set group of movements to assist Parkinson’s Patient in a sitting atmosphere. She worked with YMCA out of the Plainview Center, to help set up a one (1) year karate after school program at Oak Grove Elementary, Brownfield, Texas.
Her weapons of choice: Chinese Iron Fan

Greg Blankenship

Fourth Degree Black Belt

Greg Blankenship, 4th Degree Black Belt, is a seventeen year native to Texas Karate Institute. Blankenship is also the Owner and President of Endeavour Enterprises; the parent company to 23 Taco Villa, Pizza Hut, and Chinese Kitchen locations.

Specialty: Nunchakus

Kevin Lusk

3rd Degree Black Belt

Kevin Lusk, 3rd Degree Black Belt, instructs Kickboxing and Self Defense at Texas Karate Institute. Lusk is also the Coordinator of Operations, Safety and Security at Women's Protective Services.

Judith Johnson

4th Degree Black Belt

Judith Johnson, 3rd Degree Black Belt, competed in Texas State Championships 2015 and placed 3rd in the state for Kata & Sparring. Johnson is a Family Nurse Practitioner at Hope Urgent Care.

David Liles

3rd Degree Black Belt, Assistant Instructor

David Liles, 3rd Degree Black Belt, is an Assistant Instructor at Texas Karate Institute. David also instructs classes as needed. Liles, has been a member of Texas Karate Institute since 2009 and has enjoyed training during his time at TKI.

Liles is also the Hutchinson Middle School Theatre Arts teacher, and has been a member of the Hutchison Middle School Faculty since 2007.

Specialty: Sais and Nunchakus

Lubbock Local

Since 1968

Texas Karate Institute has been training Lubbock, Texas and surrounding communities in the Martial Arts since 1968.